Make giving memorable


The Pluim is the choice gift packed with experiences for leisure. Give a personalized email, personalized card or luxury gift package as a thank you for an anniversary, congratulations, retirement or as a year-end gift.

  • Give the Plume physically or digitally
  • Design in corporate house style
  • Pay easily by invoice
  • Any value between 5 and 1000 euro possible
  • Choose from 1500+ experiences, gift items, gift cards and charities
  • Order directly online

Kies jouw cadeauconcept

Collega's waarderen met een Pluim? Dat gaan ze zeker leuk vinden! In een sneltreinvaart praten we je bij over onze unieke cadeauconcepten. Kies het concept dat bij je wensen past. Geloof ons: samen maken we geven onvergetelijk met hét keuzecadeau boordevol beleving!


De Pluim

Nog altijd het meest gekozen keuzecadeau. Geef als opvallende A4-kaart, e-mail of als luxe geschenkpakket.

  • 36 maanden geldig
  • Fysiek of digitaal geven
  • Aanbod in euro's
  • Assortiment met 2000+ keuzes
  • Personaliseer vanaf één Pluim

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Pluim Premium

Het nieuwste cadeauconcept! Zowel het cadeau als shop in eigen huisstijl én assortiment op maat.

  • Shop met instelbare periode
  • Fysiek of digitaal geven
  • Aanbod in euro's of punten
  • Volledige ontzorging
  • 100% duurzaam

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Pluim Giftcards

Een cadeaushop met een breed assortiment giftcards en waardevouchers, die allemaal via e-mail worden geleverd.

  • Shop 12 maanden toegankelijk
  • Volledig digitaal geven
  • Aanbod in euro's of punten
  • Tot een max. van €150
  • Voorwaarden van toepassing

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Value with free time


Reservation after exertion: that's what we call it! We believe that everyone gets the best out of themselves by doing fun things in their free time. With a Pluim, the recipient can choose from our complete leisure assortment, which consists of the nicest experiences, gift items and gift cards. It is also possible to donate (part of) a Pluim to charity. That's what makes Pluimen so special.

Trusted brands and partners

The choices within Pluim include many popular, fun and surprising packages from the best brands.

partners van Pluimen

To make giving memorable?

That's in the personalized message and packaging. The presentation of your gift completes the experience. You name it, everything can be arranged with the service of Pluimen. The Pluim is a unique and fun gift to give and to receive! Read the benefits of Pluim here. Together, we make giving unforgettable.

In your corporate identity

Other photos, colors or a totally different layout: it's all possible.

Letterbox package

Give the Plume with Tony's Chocolonely or a bonus of your choice. We'll take care of it.

Even more festive

Give the Plume with champagne glasses. Engrave the company logo in glasses to top it off.

Sustainable Plume

Surprise can be fast and sustainable with the Pluim by e-mail. No transportation is required.


Giving a compliment as a gift?

In 3 easy steps, make someone happy with the most fun choices for their free time.

Step 1

Choose the value of the Plume, choose a theme and add a personal message.

Step 2

Create a personalized welcome page for the Plume recipient in just a few clicks.

Step 3

Fill in the required information and the recipient will receive the personalized Pluim by mail or email!