How to redeem your Pluim?

Congratulations with your Pluim! With the Pluim gift code, you can choose from the best leisure activities, products and make a charitable donation. The choice is yours!

Unfortunately, our website has not yet been translated in English. However, if you need assistance, please call our customer service team. Our office is open on working days from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., tel. + 31 (0)10 - 213 66 66. 

Below you'll find some screenshots including explanation about how to redeem your Pluim.

Check the value of your Pluim gift code

Click the link [Pluim besteden] in the main navigation.

Enter the Pluim gift code and pincode

Use the 19-digit number that is printed in the Pluim. You must also enter the pincode.

Your personal page will show

The value of your Pluim and the validity date are shown.

Mind this: the person who bought your Pluim, could have personalized your page. You might want to check one of the selected choices.

To view all content, simply hit the button [Bekijk alles] at the bottom of the page.

The category main page appears

This page contains blocks to category pages. You can click a block to show all choices within that category.

To view ALL possible choices, just scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the button [Bekijk alle keuzes].

Select your activity, product or charity

Tip: limit the number of choices by setting the price range.

Add your choice to your shopping cart

Once you have determined your choice, click on the button [Verzilver jouw Pluim] to add it to your shopping cart.

Shopping cart

Your choice is now added to your shopping cart. You can check or edit the number of items in your cart.


  • For remaining costs, additional payment with iDeal or credit card is possible. 
  • Value left? The remaining value of your Pluim can be used with a subsequent order

Add multiple Pluim gift codes

Select the option to add extra Pluim gift codes to your shopping cart.

Add your account and delivery information

Fill in the required form fields.

Pay with your Pluim code

Depending on the order amount, you'll be prompted to pay for the extra amount.

Example of non-additional payment

Example of additional payment

That's it!

Don't forget to agree with our terms (checkbox). Shipping is always free of charge. 

You will receive your order within the specified delivery time.

Not living in the Netherlands?

No worries. We deliver your choice to your home address for free. Read these instructions.