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Want to order a Pluim, receive a quote or learn more about customization options? Our account managers are happy to help you with business ordering the Pluim.

Ontdek onze geefservice

Our account team

We help you from A to Z when ordering a Pluim. Or we'll come up with a cool gift that fits your needs seamlessly. Want to know more about our customization options? It's all possible within our unique giving service. Completely free of charge.

Jeroen Emans accountmanager

Thomas de Roos

Care - Facility - Leisure - Other business services

06 21 30 17 98


Getting a gift is always nice, of course. And giving one is actually just as special. Thinking of it, handing it out, receiving the reactions and then hearing how everyone spent their gift, that's fantastic, isn't it? As a former store manager, I know how important it is to provide the right service. I'm here to help you come up with an appropriate gift for your employees.

Pluimen Sales Stéphanie Slieker

Stéphanie Slieker

Education - Government - Human Resources - Agricultural - Hospitality

06 21 70 90 12


At a young age, I had a side job in the hospitality industry and took the Hotel & Hospitality Management course. Later I served many municipalities and housing associations as an account manager in the staffing and secondment industry. Together with my husband and two children I live in Westland, in the midst of farmers. I know what is going on and I understand how important appreciation is for the people in my working area.

Patrick from Luxembourg

Construction - Industry - Logistics - Financial - ICT - Retail

06 11 41 11 39


In my previous position as a sales manager in the automotive industry, I dealt a lot with companies from the industrial, accounting, ICT and construction sectors. I know the challenges, their opportunities in the market and the high workload. I know how important it is for them to take a step back and enjoy some time off. I like to help you give them a Pluim, after which they can face any challenge again with fresh energy.

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