Complaint Procedure

Are you dissatisfied with Pluim, a product or experience purchased with Pluim, or our service? Let us know. We will do our best to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

You can submit your complaint in writing by email to or by mail to: B.V.
Attn: Customer Service
PO Box 4121
2980 GC Ridderkerk

Mention, if applicable, your order number or Pluim code. Upon receipt of your complaint, we will respond substantively within 3 business days.

Do you, as a consumer, disagree with the solution or can't we work it out together? Then you can submit your complaint to the Dispute Commission via the European ODR Platform ( For both consumers and business customers, if they are not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, they can submit the complaint for mediation to Thuiswinkel, for consumers via and for business customers via