Frequently Asked Questions

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Giving a Pluim as a gift

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about ordering a Pluim below.

Can Pluim vouchers also be ordered last minute?

Yes, our digital Pluim can be ordered at the last minute. It is sent to the email address of your choice within one hour.

What is the delivery time for a Pluim sent by post?

Pluim vouchers ordered before 4:00pm on weekdays are dispatched via PostNL that same day. 

What is the delivery time for a digital Pluim?

If you pay online and select the fastest possible delivery option, the Pluim is sent via email within 1 hour of payment. Otherwise it is sent at whatever time you stipulate.

How long is the Pluim valid?

The Pluim is valid for three years, starting on the date it was purchased.

What amount can be put on a Pluim?

You can select any amount between € 5.00 and € 1,000.00

Can you order multiple values in a single order?

Yes, that is possible. In your shopping basket, just click 'Add another Pluim'.

Is the value shown on the Pluim?

No, the value is only visible on the welcome page once the recipient has logged in with their Pluim code and pin code. 

Can the Pluim be personalised?

Yes, you can easily personalise your Pluim using the online editor during the ordering process. Do you need help with your personalization? Contact our customer service department.

Can you personalise multiple Pluim vouchers in a single order?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. You need to place a separate order for each personalisation.

Can I order a Pluim that matches my own house style?

Various customisation options are available for corporate orders. Please contact us to find out more.

Can private individuals also buy Pluim vouchers?

Yes, private individuals can also buy Pluim vouchers. The Shopping Secure (Thuiswinkel Waarborg) terms and conditions apply to private individuals.

What are the delivery charges for a Pluim?

Delivery charges vary depending on the number of Pluim vouchers and whether you have ordered something extra. The delivery charges are shown in your shopping basket.

What methods of payment are accepted?

You can pay for your Pluim with iDeal and by credit card. Corporate clients can also buy on account.

I am waiting anxiously for the Pluim voucher(s) I ordered. What now?

In that case, contact us via telephone number 010-2136666. In many cases, we can resend the Pluim digitally.

How much VAT do I pay for a Pluim?

Pluim vouchers are VAT exempt. However, VAT is due on all other products and services (including packaging and delivery).

What is the returns procedure for (excess) Pluim vouchers?

Would you like to return Pluim vouchers? Please first consult our returns procedure.


I have a Pluim

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about redeeming your Pluim below.

How long is the Pluim valid?

Pluim vouchers issued from 1 July 2017 onwards (with a 19 digit Pluim code plus pin code) are valid for three years from the date of purchase. Has your Pluim expired? In that case, you can no longer use the Pluim or view the personal page. We offer no refunds for expired Pluim vouchers.

Can I make additional payments if my Pluim value is not sufficient?

Yes, that is possible. If you redeem a Pluim, you can pay extra in the ordering process with iDeal or credit card (MasterCard / VISA).

Can I still use my old Pluim voucher?

Do you still have an old Pluim voucher (the size of a bank note)? Check its validity and redemption options via

I have lost my Pluim. What are the options?

Depending on the information you can give us, we may be able to ascertain which Pluim belongs to you and whether it is still valid. Please contact us during office hours. You will receive a new Pluim code by email for each identifiable Pluim voucher.

What should I do if I don't trust email?

Sometimes, false emails are sent containing requests for extra payment of delivery charges, such as track & trace messages, or pick-up messages. However, Pluimen will never charge you for delivery of your selected product or e-ticket!