The surprising choice gift


What fun that you want to learn more about the Plume! Do you have a few minutes? Then we'll give you a quick update on our unique gift concept. Believe us: together we make giving unforgettable.

  • Design in house style
  • Any value between 5 to 1000 euro possible
  • Experiences, gift items, gift cards and charities

The Pluim comes in several varieties, each one customizable to your (home) style. Whether you give the Pluim for an anniversary or as an end-of-year gift; the personal message and look complete the gift.


Fast & durable

Surprise with the Plume by email. No transportation is required and is delivered at your time. Within 1 hour if desired.


Conspicuous format

The A4 Pluim with different photos, colors or a totally different layout: it's all possible. Packaged in an envelope of your choice.


Surprising package

Give the Plume with an extra of your choice. Delivered in a mailbox box, so less heavy and pricey in terms of shipping.


Even more festive

A deluxe gift box with Celebrations or a bottle of your choice. To top it off, we can have the company logo engraved into festive glasses.


Give leisure time as a gift

The Pluim is packed with over 2000+ experiences, gift items, gift certificates and charities. The recipient chooses his or her own gift from the gift shop. Relaxation after effort: that's what we call it! That's what makes Pluimen so special.

Trusted brands and partners

The choices within Pluim include many popular, fun and surprising packages from the best brands.

About the Plume

In addition to the message of appreciating people with relaxation after exertion, giving and receiving should be a celebration!

  • Three years valid
  • Pay easily by invoice
  • Take care of logistics process, including aftercare
  • Compound, top up or spend in parts
  • Includes welcome page with gift suggestions

Complete in corporate style

Make the giving moment complete with the Pluim and gift shop in corporate style. This way the Pluim is 100% in line with your mission and vision.

  • Unique Pluimen design
  • With surprising extras
  • Tailored welcome page
  • Warm welcome with personal (video) message

For every occasion

We design Plumes for any occasion in your corporate identity. We store the customized Plumes in your account, so an order is a snap.

Use our Geefservice

What others are saying about us has been a leading partner for 25 years for companies to surprise colleagues and associates with a personalized gift.

Questions or advice?

Would you like to order a Plume, receive a quote or would you like to know more about the possibilities on, for example, customization? Our account managers will be happy to help you with questions or advice about business ordering the Pluim.

See first?
Request a free trial.

We understand all too well that a business gift needs to impress, especially on special occasions like an anniversary or Christmas. Want to receive a Pluim on a trial basis first? Request it today. You will receive the trial version absolutely free. You can also ask for a quote