Make giving memorable


The Pluim: the gift of choice for an anniversary, congratulations, retirement or as a year-end gift. Together we make giving unforgettable with the gift packed with leisure experiences!

  • Choose from 3 gift concepts
  • Give the Pluim physically or digitally
  • Value between 5 to 1000 euros
  • Experiences, gift items, gift cards and charities
  • Order directly online

Choose your gift concept

Appreciate colleagues with a Pluim? They're sure going to love it! We'll give you a quick update on our unique gift concepts. Choose the concept that suits your needs. Believe us: together we will make giving unforgettable with the gift of choice packed with experience!


The Pluim

Still the most chosen gift of choice. Give as an eye-catching A4 card, email or as a deluxe gift package.

  • 36 months valid
  • Give physically or digitally
  • Offering in euros
  • An assortment with 2000+ choices
  • Personalize from one Pluim

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Pluim Premium

The newest gift concept! Both the gift and the shop in your own house style and a customized assortment.

  • Shop with adjustable period
  • Giving physically or digitally
  • Offering in euros or points
  • Full relief
  • 100% sustainable

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Pluim Gift Cards

A gift shop offering a wide range of gift cards and vouchers, all delivered via email.

  • Shop accessible for 12 months
  • Full digital giving
  • Offering in euros or points
  • Up to a max of €150
  • Conditions apply

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Value with leisure

Reasure after effort: that's what we call it! With a Pluim, the recipient can choose from 2000+ experiences, gift items and gift cards. It is also possible to donate (part of) a Pluim to charity. That's what makes Pluimen so special.

Trusted brands and partners

The choices within Pluim include many popular, fun and surprising packages from the best brands.

Partners van Pluimen

Make giving unforgettable?

The Pluim comes in different variants, each one customizable to your (home) style. Whether you are giving the Pluim for an anniversary or as an end-of-year gift; the personal message and appearance make the gift complete.

Conspicuous format

The A4 Pluim with different photos, colors or a totally different layout: it's all possible. Packaged in an envelope of your choice.

Surprising package

Give the Pluim with an extra of your choice. Delivered in a mailbox box, so less heavy and pricey in terms of shipping.

Even more festive

A deluxe gift box with wine, bubbly or champagne. Engrave the company logo in champagne glasses to top it off.

Fast & durable

Surprise with the Pluim by email. No transportation is required and is delivered at your time. Within 1 hour if desired.


Giving a compliment as a gift?

In 3 easy steps, make someone happy with the most fun choices for their free time.

Step 1

Choose the value of the Plume, choose a theme and add a personal message.

Step 2

Create a personalized welcome page for the Plume recipient in just a few clicks.

Step 3

Fill in the required information and the recipient will receive the personalized Pluim by mail or email!