Pluimen.nl - Maak geven onvergetelijk

Make giving unforgettable


If you give someone a Pluim, you give them a gift full of options for a moment of relaxation. With an assortment of over 1500 products and activities, you can choose from the greatest days out, fun attractions and wonderful products for use at home or on the road.

  • Easy to personalise
  • For every budget
  • Physical and digital gift
Pluimen.nl - Maak geven onvergetelijk

Just a little different

The Pluim is not just a gift card. Our company is all about enjoyment. Or, as we refer to it, a bit of relaxation after hard work. It's a gift that allows someone to make the most of their leisure time. You decide how you want to give your Pluim. Find out how this works here..

Full of inspiration for leisure activities

We believe that everyone can make the most of themselves by consciously spending their leisure time and doing fun things.

Trusted brands and partners

The choices within the Pluim consist of many popular, fun and surprising packages from the best brands.

Want to give someone a Pluim?


In 3 simple steps, you can make someone very happy with the greatest options for their leisure time.

Step 1

Choose the value of the Pluim, choose a theme and add a personal message.

Step 2

Create a personal welcome page for the recipient of the Pluim in just a few clicks

Step 3

Fill in the required details and the recipient will receive their personal Pluim by post or e-mail!

What customers think about Pluimen.nl

Since 1997, Pluimen.nl has given about 5 million people a great experience.

The perfect gift for anyone and any occasion!

The Pluim is always great to give, and great to receive! Are you looking for inspiration for the perfect gift for women? Are you on a quest to find a great gift for men? Or are you looking for a gift for Administrative Professionals Day or Healthcare Day? The Pluim is a fitting gift for any occasion, both private and business! Discover it here!