Duurzame Pluim

The Sustainable Pluim


Less pollution, more experience. That's our aspiration. Sustainability is woven into everything we do at Pluimen. That's no mean feat, because sustainable business means continually looking for alternative ways of doing things and being convinced that you yourself can bring about change. We'd like to take you into our story. Hopefully we can inspire you.

Duurzame Pluim

Our ambition: a green gift

The Pluim is a personal gift of choice to thank someone. And of course, if you ask us, a thank you or appreciation does not have to involve any pollution at all. Our sustainable ambitions are therefore reflected in every aspect of our brand: the Pluim as a gift (our product), Pluimen.nl (our organization), our offer (sustainable shopping) and our partners (everyone we work with).

Duurzame Pluim cadeau geven

The Pluim

Surprise can be done quickly and 100% sustainable with the Pluim by e-mail. No transportation is required.

De Pluim als duurzame organisatie


Read our 8 organizational principles to contribute to a sustainable appreciation climate.

Duurzaam aanbod in de Pluim


Our offerings are packed with sustainable gifts, allowing one to store environmentally consciously.


Our partners

From packaging to carbon-neutral shipping; our partners are actively contributing to sustainability.

The Pluim

Would you like to give the Pluim? Then choose between physical or digital. We aim to completely transform the experience into an online concept. Yet we understand that it is also very nice to give a Pluim physically. There we choose sustainable alternatives: for example, our partner who makes the Pluim is ISO 140001-certified. The packaging is made of FSC-certified material and PostNL delivers the physical Pluimen, often with electric vans or by bicycle.


As an organization as such, we make conscious, sustainable choices. For example, we moved to a smaller, more environmentally friendly office (less heating costs and electricity, more solar panels and good insulation), we mainly work from home and we travel less. And that's win-win, because it leaves us more time to relax. We also do CO2 offsetting and our order processing is completely digital. Read all our 8 organizational principles.

Our offer

We like honest gifts that feel good. You really don't need so many polluting factors for that. Let's leave the world beautiful for the next generations. It's up to us to do that wisely. Our offer therefore includes sustainable experiences, gift items, gift cards and charities. Many products in our range have a link to sustainability. For example, they are made from sustainable or circular materials. Does it involve a credit? Then our partner will send it digitally. Check out the sustainable offerings.

Our partners

Unfortunately, more people are as concerned with sustainability as we are. Thus, more and more often we see partners developing something from recycled materials or the production comes about with green energy. At the same time, they provide many choices in the form of online credits or digital access tickets. Also nice to know: our collaboration partners often have sustainable ambitions as well. For example, we collaborate remotely via video calls and we also receive (marketing) materials almost all digitally. Many of our collaboration partners have paperless offices.

Giving a sustainable gift?

We are happy to create a customized proposal that fits 100% with your sustainable ambitions. Or request a trial version of the Pluim so you can judge it for yourself.

Or ask one of our account managers directly for advice.