Celebrate the holidays


Getting the house in the Christmas spirit, trying out a dish for Christmas dinner or baking something delicious, counting down to Christmas with a beautiful candle or other accessories. Collecting all the presents... We are looking forward to Christmas and are enjoying the preparations!

The most beautiful table setting

Delicious dishes that have a lot of love in them taste just a little better at a beautifully set table. For example, choose the same (festive) glasses, beautiful butter and cheese knives or a stylish serving platter with tasty appetizers.

Christmas with Dille & Kamille

Together decorating the Christmas tree, lighting the candles, cooking Christmas recipes, setting the table beautifully... With Dille & Kamille you can enjoy Christmas to the fullest! From Christmas tree decorations, Christmas cards, table decorations and gift ideas, you can go to Dille.

Gift voucher from Dille & Kamille

Dille & Kamille tafelsetting
Dille & Kamille tafelsetting
Dille & Kamille kaarsen

Christmas shopping with overnight stay

Get into the enchanting world of Christmas markets, where the smell of mulled wine hangs in the air and the streets turn into fairy-tale wonderlands. Taste the magical atmosphere of local Christmas markets or explore the charm of foreign destinations. Enjoy all the coziness!

Christmas shopping with overnight


Cooking inspiration

Discover the best cookbooks for the holidays. No more stress for Christmas dinner with these top cookbooks. You can put a 3, 4 or even a 5-course dinner on the table with ease.

Cooking or eating out?

Where some like to splurge in the kitchen, others prefer to dine out at restaurants. Which options do you choose?


Online cooking workshop

Even if you're not a fan of cooking or don't label yourself as a true kitchen prince(s), you can still whip up a memorable dinner. Learn how to cook the stars from the best chefs with a Netflix cooking workshop.

Masterclass from Cheflix

Restaurant Cadeaukaart

Eating out

Of course, you don't necessarily have to celebrate the holidays at home. Instead, perhaps it would be nice to meet in a cozy eatery. Enjoy the party atmosphere to the fullest, while also being spoiled with the most delicious snacks.

The Restaurant Gift Card

The tastiest products

Avoid the familiar stress around the holidays and get your delicacies at Oil & Vinegar! Whether you're a kitchen princess or an epicurean appetizer fanatic, you'll always find the perfect delicacies in our extensive assortment!

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Oil & Vinegar

Delicious beverages

A good glass of wine or a refreshing beer should not be missing with the festive meal. Celebrate the holidays with delicious beverages. Cheers: to your health!

Book an overnight stay

A glass of mulled wine in your hand and Jingle Bells blaring from the speakers: celebrate the holidays like never before.

Culinair eten met overnachting

Culinary enjoyment

How to end your culinary experience perfectly? With a delicious overnight stay of course! Enjoy a unique and romantic taste experience at the most beautiful locations.

Culinary pleasure with accommodation


The Magic of Antwerp

Antwerp in the month of December is mágic. Browse the Christmas market during the day, dive into a pub at night. at night you can sleep in the SHWAY apartments

SHWAY apartments

Dtuchen Heavens Hotel

Holy Christmas atmosphere

Enjoy the holidays at Dutchen's luxurious Heavens Hotel. What a luxury, what an experience. You sleep IN the Grote Kerk of Hoorn. Now that is a divine stay

Heavens Hotel of Dutchen

Get delicacies at home

The great thing about these days is that everything is just that little bit more. Something better or just a little different than usual.... Substitute the supermarket for the butcher, greengrocer or cheese store, for example



Long dining

If anything evokes an association with the holidays, it is gourmet dining, fondue or grilling. And preferably just cozy with his device on the table with which you see the snacks cooking in front of your nose. Wonderful!