What is a Pluim?

Wat is de Pluim?

What is the Pluim?


A surprising appreciation, reward or thank you. The Pluim is so much more than a gift certificate, both physical and digital. We would like to help you express your appreciation with a unique gift that allows someone to optimally enjoy their free time. Together we make giving unforgettable!

Wat is de Pluim?

For 25 years, the Pluim has been a connecting factor between organizations, employees and their mutual performance. With the Pluim we aim to help people consciously enjoy their leisure time. So that employees have a moment for themselves or with others.

Our mission

The Pluim: the ideal gift that offers a wealth of leisure experiences


The Pluim: the ideal gift that offers a wealth of leisure experiences
Doing fun things in life: that's what it's all about. Enjoying a calm day, or going on a trip with your children. Cooking a three-course meal at home or enjoying some culinary delicacies at a restaurant. Or. Or. Or... Leisure time is different for us all. We understand this. That is why the Pluim is a unique combination of over 1500 experiences and products. They share a single theme: leisure time.

The benefits of the Pluim

Besides the appreciation you show by rewarding someone with relaxation after exertion, the Pluim is also a unique and fun gift to give and receive! Read more about all the benefits of the Pluim.

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For every occasion

We are super proud that over the past 25 years we have helped many different types of organizations reward and appreciate people, by letting them enjoy their free time. Get inspired by our customer cases.


Giving Pluimen as a gift?

In 3 simple steps, you can make someone very happy with the greatest options for their leisure time.

Step 1

Choose the value of the Pluim, choose a theme and add a personal message.

Step 2

Create a personal welcome page for the recipient of the Pluim in just a few clicks

Step 3

Fill in the required details and the recipient will receive their personal Pluim by post or e-mail!