What is the Pluim?


The Pluim: the gift of choice as a year-end gift or for anniversaries, congratulations and retirement. Looking for a surprising appreciation for a special occasion? De Pluim is a unique gift that allows someone to enjoy free time to the fullest.

  • Value between 5 to 1000 euros
  • More than 2,000 leisure activities
  • Sent by mail or digitally
  • Easy personalization or fully customized
  • With personalized welcome page

This is the Pluim

The Pluim consists of several variants: the Pluim as an A4 card, by e-mail and luxury gift package. Each of them can be customized to your (house) style. We are happy to help you customize the appearance of the Pluimen and of course a personal message should not be missing.


Fast & durable

Surprise with the Pluim by email. No transportation is required and is delivered at your time. Within 1 hour if desired.


Conspicuous format

The A4 Pluim with different photos, colors or a totally different layout: it's all possible. Packaged in an envelope of your choice.


Surprising package

Give the Pluim with an extra of your choice. Delivered in a mailbox box, so less heavy and pricey in terms of shipping


Even more festive

A deluxe gift box with Celebrations or a bottle of your choice. To top it off, we can have the company logo engraved into festive glasses.

The benefits of the Pluim

De Pluim is a gift card, but a little different. We offer several ways to make this gift even more fun, appropriate and personal. Watch the movie 'What is the Pluim' below, here we explain it even better:

✓ Gift Value

Choose the value of the Pluim yourself

The giver determines the value between 5 and 1000 euros. The Pluim can be spent in parts, additional payment is also possible. Multiple Pluimen? Add them together for a larger gift.

✓ Simple personalization

Personalize with photo, text and logo

The Pluim is easy to personalize. In the shop there are ready-made themes to choose from. In the editor you can customize the Pluim by adding a photo, message and/or logo.

✓ Welcome Page

The unique and festive welcome page

As soon as the Pluim recipient logs in with the Pluim code, they will see a party welcome page. Upload a photo or video, leave a personal message and set some gift (choice) suggestions.


✓ An additional gift

The Pluim with an Extra

Make the Pluim even more festive with an extra gift. A different extra in mind? Please contact us.

  • Celebrations
  • Tony milk or dark (180 gr)
  • White or red wine
  • Cava or champagne with or without glasses

      ✓ Customization

      A customized Pluim

      We get excited about a customized gift with a completely different design. So that the gift completely matches your organization. The entire process, from start to finish, is taken care of by us.

      ✓ Personalized service

      You are in excellent hands with us for:

      • The design: we make your Pluim personal
      • The logistics: we make sure your gift gets there
      • Questions and help: our customer service is available all year
      • Cute ideas: we like to make it a surprise

          What others are saying about us

          Pluimen.nl has been a leading partner for 26 years for companies to surprise colleagues and associates with a personalized gift.

          The Pluim: the gift packed with leisure experiences


          Doing nice things in life: that's what it's all about. Enjoying a quiet day, or going out with the kids. Cooking a three-course meal at home or culinary indulgence in a restaurant. Or. Or. Or. Free time is different for everyone. And we understand that. That's why Pluim offers a unique combination of more than 2000 experiences, gift items and charities. But with one common thread: free time