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Secretary day gift


Every year on the 3rd Thursday in April it is National Secretary's Day, and of course we put all the secretaries in the Netherlands in the limelight with a secretary's day gift. This year, this special day is on April 21, 2022 - the perfect time to show your appreciation to your secretary. With the Pluim you show that the efforts are absolutely appreciated, by giving your secretary relaxation as a gift.

Secretaressedag cadeau

Whether it's deserved appreciation or commercial madness: surely your secretary deserves a little extra attention. Especially now! Why? Because she (or he!) ensures that others can do their work well. They take that phone call in between which you are too busy for and keep things running. Secretaries are the indispensable link between management and execution.

Therefore, on Secretary Day, give them the appreciation they deserve. It is time for the gift to enjoy leisure time.

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National Secretary Day

On April 20, 1989, National Secretary Day was introduced in the Netherlands. The purpose of this special day was to put all secretaries, secretarial staff and management assistants in the spotlight, and to reflect on her or his added value to the organization, but also to improve the image of the secretarial profession. Every third Thursday of April is the perfect time for a nice Secretarial Day gift.

Relaxation after exertion

For 25 years we have been the connecting factor between organizations, employees and their mutual performance. With the Pluim, we aim to help people regain harmony in their work-life balance. We help people consciously consume free time. Just a moment for yourself, or with others.

Our mission


The Pluim, a suitable gift for every secretary

Our giftshop is packed with products or experiences that contribute to spending this well-deserved time beautifully. Instead of a standard webshop with over 1,500 spends, we inspire to make beautiful memories. A few examples of what someone can give as a gift with the Pluim as a Secretary:

And much more...

That's what makes the Pluim such a versatile fun secretary's day gift.

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The benefits of the Pluim

Besides the appreciation you show to your secretary by rewarding him or her with relaxation after exertion, the Pluim is also a unique and fun gift to give and receive! Read more about all the benefits of the Pluim.

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Give something extra

You're not giving another last minute flower this year are you? This year, give your secretary the appreciation she deserves. With a Pluim, she can really enjoy her free time. Tip: give the Pluim with an extra attention, like a bottle of Celebrations, cava, champagne or beer. Then you give a very complete and unique gift. Do you have your own extra in mind, like a bar of Tony's Chocolonely, or something that fits your company? Ask about the possibilities.

Give the Pluim your way

With a Pluim you always give a personalized secretary's day gift. This can be a physical gift in the form of an eye-catching A4 greeting card, or - ideal as a last-minute gift - a Pluim per e-mail. The Pluim per e-mail is the digital brother of the physical A4 Pluim. Only this one is just a bit faster; so handy if you need it right away.

Prefer the Pluim in a unique jacket? Then give it to us completely in your corporate style. Let our colleagues think along about a customized Pluim

Choose the gift value yourself from €5 to €1000 per Pluim.

Pluim per post
  • Large A4 card with title and fun image or photo
  • Personal message on the inside
  • Different personalization options
Pluim per e-mail
  • Secure remote gift card option
  • Fast, environmentally friendly and still original
  • With personal message

Need help finding the perfect secretary's day gift?

From making appointments, managing mail or arranging meetings: the secretary, executive assistant or office manager, is a jack of all trades. That's part of their job description, of course, but without this jack-of-all-trades, things get pretty messed up. Time to give your secretary the attention he or she deserves. And you benefit from that as well. Personal contact and the feeling of appreciation prove more important than the financial reward.

Do you need help with your secretary day gift? Our account managers are happy to help you with questions or advice about ordering the Pluim. Available on workdays from 9.00 to 17.30.