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Jubileum cadeau

Jubileum Anniversary gift


Anniversary at work? Rewarding your colleague or employee with a Pluim is certainly going to please them. You're not only showing appreciation for a notable milestone, but also a big congratulations!

Jubileum cadeau

Want to give an anniversary gift? Choosing from the best attractions and leisure activities has never been so much fun! An anniversary at work deserves an original anniversary gift. Because a special moment deserves a gift with a lasting memory. That deserves a Pluim! An anniversary is a milestone in someone's life that you can't let pass unnoticed. An anniversary at work, a wedding anniversary or a lustrum are typical of those moments that you want to crown with a nice anniversary gift.

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Relaxation after exertion

For 25 years, the Pluim has been a connecting factor between organizations, employees and their mutual performance. With the Pluim we aim to help people consciously enjoy their leisure time. So that employees have a moment for themselves or with others.

Our mission

De Pluim: the anniversary gift full of experiences


Each Pluim has a unique Pluim code and pincode. With these codes, the recipient can redeem the Pluim for something special from the assortment that is completely focused on leisure. The Pluim is a gift of choice, but based on the unique combination of experiences and products. There are weekend trips, eating out at a restaurant and a day at an pretpark, but also cooking equipment, sports gear or other lifestyle products. Instead of a standard webshop, we inspire in our gift store to create the most beautiful moments in your free time.

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The benefits of the Pluim

Besides the appreciation you show to the jubilees by rewarding him or her with relaxation after exertion, the Pluim is also a unique and fun gift to give and receive! Read more about all the benefits of the Pluim.

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Anniversary gift
for company or private

Anniversary at work? Rewarding your colleague or employee with a Pluim is certainly going to please them. You are not only showing appreciation for a remarkable milestone, but also a big congratulations! The Pluim is always a good gift: for someone who has been in service for so many years, or when the company itself celebrates an anniversary.

    Special occasions

    Anniversaries are referred to by special terms, often as precious resources. Is an employee celebrating an anniversary? Then this is the time for a Plume. Here are the best times to give an anniversary gift:

    Anniversary gift ideas

    Whether it is an anniversary at work for a colleague who has been employed for 25 years or a wedding anniversary, you like to give a gift that is in good taste. With the Pluim, the jubilee has a choice of the most enjoyable leisure activities. National attractions, local outings, events and fun products for the home. To get you started, these are a few anniversary gift ideas you can do with a Pluim:

    1. Eating out
      Everyone loves a good snack, right? If not, a well-mixed cocktail is probably in order. Whether you're dining out luxury or diving into a tapasbar: with the Pluim you have the choice of a varied menu.
    2. A day out
      There's nothing nicer than a day out. The recipient can choose from various amusement parks, zoos, museums or cinemas. Oh, and don't forget the theaters, where you can attend virtually any show or concert.
    3. Weekend trip
      A day out is fun, but what about a weekend trip? Get away from it all and come home recharged. With the Pluim, someone can go to the finest top hotels, vacation parks or bed & breakfasts.
    4. The nicest interior decoration
      At Pluimen everything is about enjoying and in your free time. That is why we have a large range of great products to make that time even more special, like beautiful plants, designer lamps or speakers.
    5. ...and much more! 
      Whatever you want to do, taste, feel, hear, see or smell: with the Pluim it is possible! From DIY products to cooking accessoires and from travel products to sport equipment. We have it all in our assortment.

    The Pluim as an anniversary gift

    Are you curious what we can do for you? Or do you need a large edition of Pluimen and are you looking for customization? Please contact us or request a quote.