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Success achieved? Worked overtime? Achieved great results? Then after that effort, it's time for relaxation. Choose from 1500+ experiences, gift items, gift cards and charities. So you are guaranteed to give a successful gift. Take a look at our assortment.


This is what you give as a gift with the Plume

A night out or a trip with the kids. Flying through the air in a helicopter or going to the sauna. Or. Or. Or. Free time is different for everyone. There are so many beautiful moments to create that leave fond memories.

Give the ultimate vacation

The excitement of going on vacation, without the hassle beforehand? Give a vacation at Reislokaal! They do all the prep work and find the ideal vacation. A 17-day private tour of Kenya or a winter vacation in Curacao - where will the trip go?"

Give the ultimate vacation with Reislokaal

Popular choices

Wondering what is frequently chosen with a Pluim? It ranges from an amusement park to a pampering package and from a weekend getaway to a restaurant visit. These are our runners-up.

Give a game of padel

It is the fastest growing sport in the world! Padel is the perfect combination of tennis and squash. Give an experience into the world of padel and let them experience for themselves why it has become such a popular and beloved sport.

Give a game of padel

Give fun for the whole family

For a Wild West adventure, of course you go to Slagharen Amusement & Holiday Resort. Roll from one adventure into another. In the Free Fall, for example, you'll fall from 40 meters high and feel the fresh wind blow through your hair when you fly through the Wild West in the Gold Rush.

There's a lot of fun to be had

Give a Wild West adventure at Slagharen

Inspiring themes

The Pluim is full of inspiration for leisure. Think of a night out, a weekend away, a moment to recharge or fun things to do at home or on the go. There are so many great moments to create that leave a fond memory. We help the recipient get started with some inspiration.